After you graduated on your secondary, what do you feel? Are you excited about being a university student/ college student?
What do you think about college life? Well, if you’re going to ask me, I was sooo excited back then! I was excited to meet new people, new environment, meet terror professors, etc; but at the same time i am a bit nervous.

Let me tell my story.
As a freshmen to a big university, you are like ..( OMG! This is it! Hindi dapat ako malate! because i need to find where the heck is my room!). That is me on my first day of school. And since my parents chose morning schedule for me, i dont have a choice but to wake up early. Yes, you read it right, my parents chose for me. 

I never had a late during my first year. I made friends, but at the same time enemies. I am not a war freak person, it’s just that .. I fight for what i know is right. (But past is past, we are great friends now).

I did everything, i did my best just to be on the dean’s lists at the end of every semester. During first year, you will feel that you are still a senior highschool, because of the childish attitude of the people around you. All of these happenings changed when i entered on my second year up to graduating days in this university. I got my evening sched,  which is from 4pm -9pm. I found a circle of friends for keeps, a classmates that treats each other like family. I experienced things that i never expect to happen. I am not participative back then. I was so timid when i was highschool; i don’t have the courage to joined any contest, but it changed when i entered college. I cooperate and participate to the activities during college and university days. I experienced being coordinator(leader) to an organization. And that was the time that i joined mass dance competition, battle for accounting supremacy(hau meets the standards), being zombie in “HAUnted house”, etc. I experienced roaming around the campus using kalesa. And you will see people are staring at us like –( wow! Who are that girls?) , some took random photos. But that was a nice experienced, anyway. Haha! Back to regular school days, i spent my spare time at the student canteen(aps/yellow/ angel’s square) or pgn basement together with my friends! Lol! Before going to my first class, i make sure that i’ll come one or two hours earlier at the campus. I usually stayed either at the student center, library or pgn basement; and at that time,  i either sleep, do my homeworks, or chatting with friends. Sounds weird?  lol

Being a college student, requires hardwork, patience, perseverance and you need to set your own goal. Actually, you can do whatever you wanted to do, people don’t care about it, but you should be responsible for all your acts and know how stand alone. These things are not only applicable when you are in college, it’s just like, college is a training ground; it teaches us for a better future, all the learnings will apply in real world.

busybee 🐝.


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