Xtremely-Xpresso-SM-ClarkIt was May 2014 when my friends and I decided to hang out and have some fun after those stressful months that we’ve gotten from the class. We want to enjoy the remaining days of our vacation before the class will resume. We ended up on having food trips instead of watching movies like we used to. We want to try something different from the usual Filipino dish; and Xtremely Xpresso is the best if you want to experience something new with European flair together with friends and family.
  busybee 🐝15154_886604964698915_7535241548289316844_n1901300_886607248032020_6140028912568935688_n10252157_886606641365414_4925215026534936075_n10256415_886607201365358_2740871145356485159_n10259055_886606928032052_4144644048580662179_n10309032_886606091365469_1051230968977802630_n10349895_886606381365440_6171313198464085804_n10349963_886604054699006_2247401223781604147_n




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