Starbucks Moments

I am fun of trying new things. Me and my sisters decided to hang out. And since we seldom go to Starbucks together, something fun really happen. And I just wanted to share it with you guys the kaloka moments we’ve encountered. I go to counter to order, when my elder and my youngest sister get to grab a table with us. Okay! waiting.. waiting.. for our order, when suddenly a korean guy approaches my Ate if there is someone who will seat beside her (and that is actually my chair). My sister said Yes. That guy together with his friend sit on my place even if my sister told them that. that is my chair. Crap! I don’t know if they really understands what my Ate told them. I don’t know if I will laugh because I don’t have a chair or i will get annoyed to that moment. But then, I decided to shared a sit to my youngest sister instead of fighting with them.  Okay! that moment is done! #2 kaloka moment is when my Ate and I have a small talk , we didn’t notice that our 3 year old sister drink my frappe.

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busybee 🐝.


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