Embrace your Fear. Explore. Enjoy

I love exploring and trying new things. I love travelling. But, I am afraid. I am afraid to travel, it’s because I am “byahilo” before. hahaha

It was January 25 (Monday) when my co-worker asks me if when is my day off. I said Wednesday, that is why they move the schedule of celebrating their birthday. Instead of Wednesday, they move it on Friday. Then, the next day (Tuesday), my sister called me, if i want to go with them to Laguna. And I need to decide ASAP. I rush myself going to our supervisor if i can change my dayoff. And tadaaa! She says Yes! but holy cow, I forgot that they move their birthday party because of me. I explain everything to them and they understand. 2 days later, TGIF! I prayed so much to bless us for our trip that day. And I prayed that I will not feel dizzy the whole day and all things will be flow smoothly and we will enjoy. And that’s what happened. We enjoy capturing moments for every place we went. We went to Art in Museum in Cubao, Riverbanks Science Center in Marikina, and Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna!
busybee 🐝


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