The City where I belong!


I live in a town where i met my first teacher, my childhood friends, and learning good things such as all about God, good deeds, values, families and friends. But as I grew up, I met a place where I would love to go everyday because of the surroundings and people who taught me on how to do things better. I met my true best friends here in Angeles City, where i studied in college; and the very first time that i perform solo up on stage was happened here. It boosts your self confidence when you feel that you are belong and comfortable to the place.

There are city lights, huge buildings, beautiful ambiance, good food, and good people that where you can see here.

Just once in a while, date yourself or together with your friends and love ones to the City that you love, to the City where you belong.


City – My first time to participate here. Hoping to learn more and enhanced my writing skills 🙂

Enjoy Reading!

Have a good day!
busybee 🐝


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