Perfectly Imperfect


When we say the word perfect, what does it mean?

Is it attainable?

Many people are so perfectionist, but they are not perfect.

Nobody is perfect.

But if you see the imperfect person perfectly, there is nothing wrong with that.

Being perfectly imperfect is what we are. It is just being our self. Just enjoy and accept everything about your life, either the messiness or happy moments in life, then you will get to see the amazingly excellent and perfect life. You don’t need to seek perfection, but only strive for excellence.

One thing I can assure you to achieve the real and perfect HAPPINESS, is to enjoy little and big things in LIFE.

Now, being myself, I can say that I am perfectly imperfect.

How about you,

busybee 🐝



3 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. rupalislale says:

    Wise thought. Very often, many people expect perfection from themselves as well as others. While some people set perfectionist standards for themselves and not for others. While a third category of people set perfectionist standard for others and not for themselves. In all the cases the chances of being sad are high. Excellence is much more practically achievable, rendering happiness as well.

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