Just Temporary Emptiness, then Be Filled




— — — —

For the first time in forever,

I just wanted to stay silent.

Though many thoughts coming into my mind,

No voice coming out,

No words to write.

But this is just temporary,

like this book to be filled sooner by awesome thoughts to be shared, to inspire others.

I feel so tired this day, but it doesn’t mean i feel tired for my entire human life.

I feel empty today, but it doesn’t mean, i may not be fill the emptiness inside me.

What I am saying is that, there is no permanent thing in this world.

All things are temporary,

It might change,

Though we don’t know when the change will come.

So, don’t  be sad if you feel empty today,

Maybe someone will fill your emptiness, like your family, friends, and especially GOD.

Just Be Happy as Always,

All is well.



busybee 🐝




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