Save, Eat, Travel, and Enjoy!



Say it. . .ENJOY


Our life is a long journey. It may be boring, adventurous, exciting, pretty good, bad, mess up,  and whatever adjectives in may described. But it’s quite normal, because moods in life are not constant, because it does change.

One of my goals in life except inspiring people about optimism, is that being a Taste and Travel buddy. I mean, I would love to taste different kinds of foods around the world, and travel. But for now, I just need to focus on my work to save money; and taste the foods, especially desserts just around our town, and nearest city where i live at.

But i have my wishlist/ my favorite countries i would like to visit, even if I know this Earth is not a Wish Granting Factory (according to what i read, haha)

I Want to go to Paris or anywhere in Europe, Korea, Japan, Somewhere Part of America, etc.

Just wish, wish, and wish, Maybe someday, miracles will happen!

Have fun!

Note: Picture Credit to the Owner.



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