06.24.16 Fortune-telling. true or false.


I saw this topic, and it seems related to fortune-telling. I wanted to share my experience Yesterday.

TGIF! After work, rushing to the bus, because we have somewhat like communication meeting. But, unfortunately,  the first bus was gone when we are in the waiting area. We have no choice but to wait to the second ride.

We’re a little bit late in the dinner meeting, they are almost done eating. The restaurant is RUMPA , located in Balibago, Philippines. We just ordered, then have a quick dinner. It’s like american style, because no rice, more veggie and fruits. Simple chat to our office mates. Then, afterwards, we parted ways. Me and Sheena, went to Apo (Church) to visit, and to unwind. We visit first, then walk around the apo. I met a fortune- teller near the hallway going to church, where at first, i’m scared, but also curious, because of what Ms. Luz told us awhile ago. The fortune-teller look at my palm, and say something that i don’t know if it is for real.

I wrote this things that she told me, just curious, though at this point, i don’t want to believe, because she is like, i don’t know, if she’s real. Because i know, our destiny depends also on us. But, after the day she said things to me, it is always on my mind, repeating on what she said. But, I know, I can forget it later.

And my question is. . .

Are fortune-tellers really say that is true, seeing your future or just fooling and kidding you around?


5 thoughts on “06.24.16 Fortune-telling. true or false.

  1. FyzaZubs says:

    This is an interesting take of the concept of prophecy. I personally think we are to decide how our life pans out and not a fortune teller. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if something does happen that a fortune teller has told us. Because you *expect* it to happen, directly or indirectly, it just might do. I wrote a post of the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy over on my blog which would be great if you’d had a read. It ties into what you’ve mentioned here.


    Hope you’re well 🙂

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  2. roseelaineblog says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Good question, a lot of people that go to see fortune tellers, mediums or clairvoyants are looking for answers or help in their lives, therefor they try to steer towards what they are told.

    I personally believe that some readers are very good and can give guidance, however, always remember that we have free will and we can change the course of our own destiny

    A good clairvoyant, fortune teller of medium would never tells us anything bad.

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