Living outside the fence


Most of us are scared of living up beyond our border line. I mean, we are afraid of spreading our wings, and just live or stick  to our comfort zone. The question is, are you really happy to just stay like that?

Back when i was a kid, I was a shy type girl, who just sit around the classroom, quietly listening to the teacher, though I am active in class, not active to extra-curricular activities, and not fun of socializing other people. That time that I want to join dance troupe, that time i want to join the singing contests, and chorale as well; I don’t have the courage to do such thing, that is why i ended up joining nothing when I was a kid, except joining contest relating to school like Mathematics Challenge, Essay Writing, Science, etc. As I look back, a regret feeling coming to me, but, I just bear in my mind, maybe I am not destined to be a singer nor a dancer. But even so, When I grew up, my self confidence is growing also, I joined Mass Dances every year back when I was in high school. But, again, my self confidence is not totally build. My fear of spreading my wings, living outside my comfort zone is still there. I cannot manage to join chorale, because of the fear that i will not pass the audition. . . . I entered college,I don’t know any of my classmates, It’s a big university that is why I say to myself, I must live with my dreams. I need to make friends. I need to be independent. And that is why it kept on my mind that things. I met my truly best friends who also, they are my partners in crime. We joined contest and auditions, and I experienced performing up on the stage during University Days. It’s a self fulfillment and it feels good to know that you can do the things that makes you really happy. Happiness is not just within your comfort zone, sometimes you must go further and spread your wings. Do not fear the fear, It makes you fear more. Just overcome your fear.

Aim high, Fly high.


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