Inverted Mirror


Admit it or not,  appearance plays an important role to each and everyone of us, but it does not mean it is the whole you. It is just part of what we are. It doesn’t define the whole you.

The mask that wears towards others

The truth behind the beautiful smile

And the laughter that each people noticed

Behind everything is not a real reflection

It is another facade, a great pretender

There is always another story.




5 thoughts on “Inverted Mirror

  1. kurtislunz says:

    I like the part about laughter. While I often worry if I am being laughed at when I hear laughing; when I am laughing, I always feel the most free. Laughing is like a reflex for me. I think some people have numbed their reflex; so, that they can restrain laughter in certain situations, but I am glad that my laughing reflex is still pretty strong because it is one of the only times that I feel free.

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