What Comes After


Realization comes in the end.

I’ve been there.

I was once a student, that is why I know How it feels like, reviewing, putting all your efforts and time just to read all the topics that discussed before the exam will start, but then, after a glanced to the test questionnaire, it’s the same like you did not review. You got no answer. For more than 3 hours of solving mathematical problems using analytical skills, it’s really disappointing that you cannot able to answer all of the problems, despite of your time and efforts that you put into it.

But not now, I graduated last year, and now, I am one of the proctors assigned for the junior students for their final exams. I’ve been strict to them, that turns to the point that i don’t allowed small talk with their seatmate, In the end, I realize, that I am one of them before. I’ve been there, why I didn’t realize that I’ve been there, and yet, I’ve been very strict. But I just realize, If I allow them to cheat, they will used to it. I did that, being strict for their own sake. I did not do that on purpose. It’s just that, I just wanted them to be , prepared for their board exam and to be independent, as well as for their future.





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