Other Side


I remember what i wrote when we had a seat work on one subject. You have to indicate there on what is your mission; your mission on why you are living in this planet earth.

I stated there that my mission is to inspire other people to be optimistic. I know, sometimes, it is inevitable to think the negativity, and i think that is normal. But what I am saying is to be patient at all times. It’s not bad to share your beautiful smile to everyone. Just try to view the positivism of life. Avoid being cranky at all times, uttering non sense words or cursing. I know it’s hard to widen our patience in just one time, but let’s try to widen it little by little. It takes time to smile to everyone even stranger; it takes time to stay positive even during tough times. I know. I know. But I am encouraging everyone to rearrange their self, change for the better, look the other side, and be an inspiration to others to have peace on earth and live the life you imagine, but of course, through the help of our Almighty God.






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