01.01.17 New Year. 


D R E A M E R . . .

Let us start our New Year by setting our goals and make bucketlist or a planner  or new year’s resolution just to motivate ourself every time we woke up in the morning. We just don’t write or make a list, we have to ACT on it make an E F F O R T  to achieve them.

My Bucketlist/ G O A L S

W O R K Harder -Even how bored I am with my work, i need to learn how to enjoy and get involved on some extra curricular activities.

S A V E money– to be honest, i am having a problem on saving money, because i easily consumed my money even to nonsense things. And now, i am planning to make balanced and put some extra effort just to save by knowing what i want or like and what i NEED.

T R A V E L more- I just wanted to travel and unwind myself and staying away from stress and remove all negativities.

T A S T E different F O O D S – To eat is to be happy.

L E A R N something -i want to learn new language and R E A D more

and just E N J O Y life. Life is all about enjoying and to be happy. Spending time with our families and friends makes us the happiest person on earth.
Take it easy. Don’t be too serious. There’s a time for everything. Just Enjoy and Relax!

Yours truly,

busybee 🐝


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