Confidently beautiful with a Heart


What makes you beautiful is the confidence that you carry.

Some are timid, shame, and don’t have self confidence on their self that is why people like this end up of being introvert.

Introvert is not that bad.

But sometimes, you’ll think that you need to build and enhance your confidence.

Before, I was just a reserved young girl, quiet, no participation on extracurricular activities, but i am participator at school work..

I don’t get involved to other activities other than in school.

But then, as I grew up, i was exposed to the real world, different environments, different people that i encountered. I realized then, that confidence is really important on our daily life. Knowing that you know what and where you stand, the knowledge that you had, and experience that builds your self confidence. I din’t say that you need to be confident at all, i am just saying that, you need to be confident when it is necessary.; that you know the truth, what is good and bad. Exposed and engage yourself on other activities that makes you realized that,…. oh i am enjoying like this, and like that… It’s good to communicate well to others. Making friends, learn and share.


Just be beautiful just the way you are.

Not pretending to be a princess or something, but just yourself.





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