Hi.  It’s my first time to create my own blog and  it’s freaking me out on what/how/where to start. (lol!)

So, let me introduce myself first. I’m Katrina Joy Nebria. I prefer calling me kat (not cat! meow). I am 20 years old (turning 21 soon) . I am an Accounting Technology Graduate.

I am  an average student, a typical girl like anyone else. Eversince,  I am dreaming to be a great writer/journalist/blogger. Since i was on my  5th grade, i started writing something, even nonsense things. But, i was just a 9 year old little girl back then who wants to be a great journalist. I experienced joining contest (essay writing contest), but unfortunately, i haven’t won any major prize for the 2 consecutive years of participating the essay writing contest. “Maybe it’s not my thing” , i  said to myself.

Though one of my dreams is being a great writer, i did not pursue that degree when i entered college , because i realized i am much better doing other things. And I accept that fact.

I am always in a state of daydreaming. I am fun of using my imaginations at all times, as well as wandering around. I can’t stay in one place doing nothing. I don’t want to make my day so boring or unproductive.

I am fond of listening to other people’s own story. I mean, not being a great gossiper, (haha) it’s just that, i am learning on their stories.

I want to clear up also, that there are no specific topics here like a fashion blog nor a blog with excellent grammar and spelling. It’s just that i think a lot, and I am fun of writing. 😃😃😃