Strange Feeling


Honestly speaking, this is the first time that i encounter this word. I’ve search it to the internet and it says, eerie means, unnatural, unearthly, mysterious, frightening, etc.

Maybe we are always felt strange and weird, when we encounter things for the first time.

I’ve been there, as always. Because of fun of trying new things in life, i always feel like that; frightened and scared at first because of unfamiliarity of things, even at place.

But that’s all natural feelings, i think, it’s usual and common for all of us. The very important thing is, we at least tried, and overcome the strange feeling, and until we used to it.



Other Side


I remember what i wrote when we had a seat work on one subject. You have to indicate there on what is your mission; your mission on why you are living in this planet earth.

I stated there that my mission is to inspire other people to be optimistic. I know, sometimes, it is inevitable to think the negativity, and i think that is normal. But what I am saying is to be patient at all times. It’s not bad to share your beautiful smile to everyone. Just try to view the positivism of life. Avoid being cranky at all times, uttering non sense words or cursing. I know it’s hard to widen our patience in just one time, but let’s try to widen it little by little. It takes time to smile to everyone even stranger; it takes time to stay positive even during tough times. I know. I know. But I am encouraging everyone to rearrange their self, change for the better, look the other side, and be an inspiration to others to have peace on earth and live the life you imagine, but of course, through the help of our Almighty God.





What Comes After


Realization comes in the end.

I’ve been there.

I was once a student, that is why I know How it feels like, reviewing, putting all your efforts and time just to read all the topics that discussed before the exam will start, but then, after a glanced to the test questionnaire, it’s the same like you did not review. You got no answer. For more than 3 hours of solving mathematical problems using analytical skills, it’s really disappointing that you cannot able to answer all of the problems, despite of your time and efforts that you put into it.

But not now, I graduated last year, and now, I am one of the proctors assigned for the junior students for their final exams. I’ve been strict to them, that turns to the point that i don’t allowed small talk with their seatmate, In the end, I realize, that I am one of them before. I’ve been there, why I didn’t realize that I’ve been there, and yet, I’ve been very strict. But I just realize, If I allow them to cheat, they will used to it. I did that, being strict for their own sake. I did not do that on purpose. It’s just that, I just wanted them to be , prepared for their board exam and to be independent, as well as for their future.




Value of no value


Everything have value, even single centavo. Sometimes, we don’t know the real value of something unless it is already gone. Simple things, whether big or small, have a value.

Appreciate everything around you before it’s too late.

Life is like an accounting, we classify things according to its value, but even the lowest value of an asset needs to be recorded and treat everything as material. Because the importance of a thing comes from the small part until it becomes highly material, but still, it is considered as valuable, because it takes an impact to the totality of the transaction, like in life, every single thing have an impact in our life.

Inverted Mirror


Admit it or not,  appearance plays an important role to each and everyone of us, but it does not mean it is the whole you. It is just part of what we are. It doesn’t define the whole you.

The mask that wears towards others

The truth behind the beautiful smile

And the laughter that each people noticed

Behind everything is not a real reflection

It is another facade, a great pretender

There is always another story.



Judgment vs Reality


What we see might not real.

We, people, are fond of making judgments.

Admit it or not, but it’s true.

What we see on our naked eye, is just part of the story. We may create conclusions based on what we see, but that is not the whole story, so don’t jump into conclusions.

“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”

Naked Eye


The sufferings of yesterday,

is the suffering of today, tomorrow, and forever.

I saw on my naked eye on how people are suffering.

Oh my dear Earth, my beloved natures of us.

I saw on my naked eye on how people is destroying everything.

But despite all these matters,

we can change everything

we can do a change if we want to

The suffering, chaos and every negativity on earth can change into a positive nation!

We cannot deny that we are the witnessed,

the witnessed of everything that is happening on us,

Let us rebuild, care, and change for the better.

By this time, can you be a witness to a happier, better, organized, and safe nation?

Can you be a witness of our continuously growing and improving on our beloved nature and environment?

Be part of the change.

Be one of us.

Let us start now, not later, not tomorrow!




Yes, I am!


My mum always telling me how stubborn I am! Yes I am, but i knew to myself, that i am just being stubborn when i know that i am fighting what is right, and I am right. I know teenagers nowadays think the same way as I am. They felt that they are right, even if they do not know if they are really right.

Nobody knows who is right, unless we consider all the things before taking action.

Hi I know, i wrote too short, maybe i can edit it the next time i visit here.

Thank you for reading!



Kitkat 🙂

Halfway True


Sometimes we cannot say directly what we want to say. Admit it or not, we had come to a situation that we kid around, but other people don’t know that we mean what we say. It is a joke to them, but it is halfway true. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth, it’s hard to say something to someone, either about love, friendships, problems, something funny, awkward, etc. But there are also jokes that are really jokes, but other people take it seriously. So, basically, jokes depends on the people who kid around and the people who will take the joke. I don’t know. Just saying my thought. Hahaha!

Hoping to read your thoughts/opinions about this guys!

Thank you!


Keep reading.



Kitkat 🙂